And the weekend started with a bang…
I burnt the pains au chocolat on Saturday morning. 
Just two hours before a reading at Wordplay, I carbonated our breakfast beyond recognition, as I was reading out loud Power of Place, that second piece of verse for Karen’s event. Wooopppsss! Very swiftly, I made for amends by invating David to lunch at da Peerie Shop Café in Lerwick. Thank goodness, the soup and the reading went down far better!

Martin’s happy feet at Da Gadderie yesterday afternoon, Saturday 4 September, as the Four Seasons in Shetland exhibition opened officially to the public in Lerwick.The Shetland Museum & Archives lit on all lights onto some 74 framed works as well as some 328 digital images projected on a screen. 

We, the gang of photographers & visual artists, gathered and met friendly faces who came to discover what the Islesburgh Photographic Club could offer.  The result is an eclectic collection of images taking your eyes and hearts through the four seasons around the nordic archipelago – voar, simmer, hairst and winter, as captured through some 20 different viewfinders… There is something for everyone.

The exhibition is on till 10 October and the Islesburgh Photographic Club  remains open to talented world watchers 🙂


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