for A
So many cobbles and boulders.
Let me redraw  each contour line;
Blacksness, castle,
they say mortar that binds all stones is mixed

with blood

and when I look at each slipway,
I remember a prince’s wish
to anchor boats
deep in your bay

and add colours to your skyline.

Now let me whisper to the maas –
their  reflections really fly high;

and wherever the wind may turn,

there is a home for every boat,
resting poppies on memorials,
restless ripples
closing on

as mist moves in,

shadows belong to the gallows…

I never knew tears in your eyes
but when I look back to the hill I feel your world

and want to step back to your door,
where that peerie dog and stoneman
always welcome you 
without frown…

We both stood by that silver boat,
there’s an angel in the harbour.

Poet’s note: 
the maas = gulls

© Nat Hall 2010



Filed under 60N, geopoetics, images, verse

2 responses to “Scalloway

  1. Hello Nat, I like the history woven into this work, even though I don't know the story. Very nice.

  2. thank you kindly, Sarah 🙂

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