afternoon in Hillswick


I promised myself a few things before the new term starts and visiting Fiona, aka Oily Muggie, in Hillswick was one of them.

The drive alone to the northern village is an adventure in  itself, for one ventures though Shetland’s  spectacular wilderness and, from the top of the hill on approach to Urafirth, Ronas Hill, culminating at 450m above sea level – that Pink Giant –  dominates one’s field of view… Impressive lump of rock! The view towards Hillswick never ceases to amaze my heart.

Finding Fiona is not really difficult, since all one needs to do is to follow the (only) road, past the St Magnus Bay Hotel click here! and then a first signpost will lead you to Muggie’s homeground, the very last house where the road ends. 🙂

Fiona seeks treasures from local artists and assemble them neatly inside the old doctor’s surgery not Aladdin’s cave… Oily Muggie’s Cave of Wonders! The very first impression one feels when entering is that of serenity. Local music welcomes you in. …It’s magic :)) There I found a myriad of craftsmanship, from pottery to textiles, via Abby’s famous raincoats (hand-made cards) and culinary delights…

I went back home with a scarf, a star, two raincoats sharing love, Lonely Hearts …Some delicious Baltasound oatcakes as well as a present for a friend… But I also take back a wonderful slice of life I treasure forever! Thank you, thank you, Fiona!!!

Oh, and if you are unfamiliar with Oily Muggie’s smile yet, I strongly recommend a visit, either real and/or virtual at: Oily Muggie 



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2 responses to “afternoon in Hillswick

  1. thank you Nat! So pleased the Raincoats are with you and you had a fab time with Fiona. A special placex

  2. You right there, Abby! :-)Oily Muggie's a magic place full of treasures and, yes, two of your peerie guys now reside in my neck of the heather!!! Oh, Fiona's hospitality should be known throughout the world! ;-)) x

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