into the wild

trek through the green

The more we walked through the island, the more our world shares hues of life – from fields of jades to purple hills… And yet we trekked through a jungle.

 Some wild garden ahead of us!

We walked besides the lilipads, found open gates and secret doors… A stony path back to the shore…  The land was kind and generous.

One final look before we went… An angel smiled here on the wall.

...We will be back for more flowers 🙂


Filed under 60N, Arcania, geopoetics, images, world, writing

6 responses to “into the wild

  1. wow Nat! I'm In Love!

  2. Oh, this place is truly magic, Doreen! ;-)))thank you for dipping in.

  3. Oh, yes, it is, Juliet – one of those glorious and yet hidden treasures. You'd love it! :-))x

  4. beautiful Nat – a secret garden

  5. such a gorgeous oasis of joy, Abby 🙂

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