Nordic Dream

I shared with Anita,

I shared it with my westside gang of writers,
I shared it with Per-Kåre’s clan
and now with you 🙂
And I dedicate it to the Nybakk and all her friends. 

Last night I dreamt of your island,
where mountains shoot out of ocean.

Sogn og Fjordane,

where words harbour strange sounds –
brand new diphthongs
hooked on my tongue,
blues and greens of the fisherman.

And through the eye of iced dreamers,
I touched the stone polished by time,
taille de guêpe* fashioned by tides,
earthrides, fabric of all angels.

Now show me coverts on the shore.

 Poet’s Note:
taille de guêpe: in fashion, the perfect figure

© Nat Hall 2010



Filed under 60N, geopoetics, island, north, poetry, verse

4 responses to “Nordic Dream

  1. Enjoyed the hidden and half rhymes here

  2. Thank you kindly, Gordon :))

  3. Chronicles from Arcania is something special…Oh no, it's just fantastic!

  4. thank you very kindly, Racquel :).Am thrilled you enjoy them!Have been walking the shore a little again recently and more to come 🙂

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