adrift in the world… looking eastwards

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Back to grassroots.
Nor-norn-norse-north. I still remember my loving godfather’s words when I announced him we were to settle on some archipelago west of Norway.  

“So you’re going back to your roots,” he chuckled.
“Yep,” I then answered with a grin.

Nine years later and within a single week, my Norman heart beats to new sounds; records new words and photographs eyes and smiles from the other side of the North Sea.
Shetland cultivates special bonds with the Scandinavian world & her Norwegian neighbours in particular. Their friendship is sacred and tattooed forever on every rock. 
Please check the following links:viking heritage and shetland heritage

 adrift & yet firmly anchored

It all began with a meeting in the staffroom; connecting and sealing friendship with some daring “Viking” expat,  who lives & breathes in a very similar way…  Once eyes cross and find a point of fixation this strange ability to read beyond the envelope and feel, well, alchemy starts. 
Very little did I know such simple moment would lead to such extraordinary humane adventure!

Norway Liberation Day 2010 celebrated in Shetland 

Anita Orheim sets a precedent for the 65th Anniversary of the event, which coincides with VE Day on 8 May.
She orchestrates it from her adopted home; brings in family & friends from her home islandinvites both communities to reinforce their bond and invites the Coastguard vessel Aalesound to represent the military from Norway for the occasion…

I, her humble eyes for the day

My will to help with photographying the entire event opens new doors from the moment Anita accepts my offer. One precious week to prepare myself and be able to exchange a few words in her mother tongue with our Norwegian guests… A new challenge is set!

And what a start… M/S Nybakk
From arrival on Thursday night on choppy waves… Bressay Sound jigs NE style as we gather by the Alexandra Building. A bit of home is about to moor at Victoria Pier.
Skipper and crew all on deck waving at the small welcoming party.
Mooring ropes fly at around 8 p.m.
Emotions begin to  fill hearts and throats…
Please check out: MSNYBAKK.COM

KNOPER – KNOTS… Knotting friendship
Anita ensured I would get maximum exposure to her Norwegian world by allowing my lens to enter the belly of the boat. My enthusiasm overrode anxiety and it took one evening to connect with it all. Arve Nybakk’s my teacher for the knotting exercise.  Anita’s a natural, I, a novice!
That Friday night, I began to store new & vital vocabulary and tasted Norwegian hospitality around a table full of life, food and smiles…  What a grand way to tie friendship and forge new bonds! Per-Kåre Nybakk, our boat’s skipper, aka da Chief, is watching…
8 May
through the lens
From Scalloway’s Shetland Bus Memorial & Lerwick War Memorial to the official reception on board the Aalesound and more informal party on the Nybakk…
The day was filled with emotion and humanity.

Waving goodbye on Saturday night proved emotional for Anita in particular. I must confess my throat also felt tight and dry as my hand went up… 

I now look at it as the start of a beautiful friendship. Within three days, my heart drifted eastwards and I remain forever grateful to Anita for such humane experience. 
Tusen takk, Nita!
  This poetics takes a new turn, as I begin to enjoy the cultural flavours of your homeland…  
Norwegian news 

Hyggelig å hilse pådeg,

Freddy og Karin Silden, Arve Nybakk, Ann Mabel Nybakk, Tor Kråkenes, Audun Nybakk, Arvid Haug, Willy Berg, Alf Sjåstad, John-Arne Nybakk, Marius Nybakk,  Per-Kåre Nybakk,

  I think we now have a result.



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8 responses to “adrift in the world… looking eastwards

  1. One of our family heroes served on the Shetland bus – a man who fought in all the scary places of the war, and turned down medals, saying he was coming home to make pacifists of his four sons. Thank you for reminding me of him, nat

  2. Really enjoyed this post. Shows how communities and bloodlines mean so much.

  3. Oh, myyyy, Elizabeth – thank you for sharing this slice of life here. We owe so much to so many…

  4. Thank you kindly, Gordon :)Such moments/experiences remain so rich entwined yarns in the fabric of our world :).

  5. The Shetland Bus of WW2 : A long term continuous clandestine operation manned only by Norwegians and now part of history. A sad reminder of man's inhumanity to mankind and knowing all that. We still have yet to learn, put into practise what harmony & peace are truly about.

  6. Yes, and some formidable humane adventure in the face of madness, Sire Heron 🙂

  7. Helloyou can see my blog :isabelleforiat.comJ ai mis un lien vers ton site, voudrais tu faire pareil. Merci à toiMeilleurs souvenirs à toi et Dave. Descendez-vous nous voir cet été? Ce sera beaucoup de joie de vous revoir!!Bisous!!! Isabelle

  8. Isa!Quelle joie de te retrouver sur cette page :-)))Si tu regardes bien, ton site est déjà relié à ce blog…Maintenant, vais y ajouter ton blog!!! :-)))Non, suis bien affairée cet été et ce n'est que partie remise (t'en parlerai plus en détail.En attendant, mille bises tendres à la maison et à toi :-))))) N xxxx

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