And light returned
So I went back to Ninian Sands and paid hommage to this side of the Atlantic… My kind of perfect end of day, holi- or not.
Only this time, monsieur Chopin was not playing in my headphones. I let him day-dream somewhere else and focused on this earth rengaine called our rollers.
And found my castle in the sand, as beautiful as Tintagel…
Now time to dream.

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One response to “Antidote

  1. Hi Nat,Excuse me for being presumptuous but we in the Antipodes are working on stopping a dredging project that will destroy sections of our lovely harbour. I'm trying to drum up support via my blog community.The blog is here : you please, please have a read and even maybe follow? I'd like some certain shareholders to know that it is not a sexy investment and that there are people watching globally!thankyou … Sarah

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