awaking sky

Magic Sunday in Shetland blue

Just winding down after such day packed with wonders – shameless azure filled with delights… or with shimmering lights, as night sky decided to entertain us with magnificent aurora borealis a couple of hours ago… Thanks for the tweet, Kev :))

Looking back in today’s mirror, everything seems to fly in 2s above our heads, from sparrows to red-throated divers! When not floating in pairs around our lochs and voes… Like those two mergansers at Weisdale earlier on this afternoon.  On our way back to the eastside of the island, we stopped and watched spring spectacles – northern lapwings, curlews and red-throated divers in full display… Aerial ballets or more daring acrobatics, our Mother Earth’s teeming with life! What a show… 


and then off to Dreamtime…
With special thanks to our P and M 😉


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6 responses to “awaking sky

  1. Kay

    Thank you for the lovely photos and words on a lovely day!

  2. wonderful to see spring displays like this, beautiful photos, thanks for sharing them, Nat!

  3. wow, red-throated divers. I used to see (and hear) them in the river in winter sometimes. their call is the voice of wildness – iconic

  4. Thank you for dropping in, Kay :)Am glad those words and pics put a smile on your face. Have a great day!

  5. Thank you kindly, Juliet :)Let's walk our respective shores in beauty! We both have treasures to unearth.

  6. Oh, how I agree, Elizabeth :)I love them too and watching them displaying is anorther of our earthly treasures and a priviledge!

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