selected world voices

Listen to the world, it is open…

As a child, I was once exposed a trio of Kabylian voices named after a range in the Atlas Mountains, Djurjura. I must confess it was a time when home was unafraid of other cultures… Although very little can be found on YouTube, their magic still shine on this link: Djurjura 
Later in life, I discovered Khaled, notably in duet with Brittany’s great bard, Alan Stivell, on one of his albums, Douar,  but also love Khaled in French, and Aicha still remains a favourite Aicha … But then again Alan Stivell with Youssou N’Dour A United Earth Part 1 …Funny how a legacy of colonisation twangs like a rubberband… I treasure their voices.
And now I’m wandering further away eastwards,  other  world voices are reaching my heart.
Here is once at the following links: zakarya – best love song and Tara Jaff from Choman’s world 🙂


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4 responses to “selected world voices

  1. I'll look up some of these, thanks for the links. I love world music and discovered a lot of wonderful African musicians when I was in Malawi. Hope you're having a lovely Easter break.

  2. Oh, do have a peep, Juliet – you love world music and you are going to love these! Have a wonderful Easter weekend too and hoping Edinburgh back in spring light by now 🙂

  3. really interesting links – funny how memories return and aided by the internet we can revisit them… hugsShani

  4. Yay, you mega-right, Shani :))and that's the magic of internet!!!Hugs 2 u 2 xx

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