Little cosmic revolution – I. Early Signs

The sky’s quiet.  

The SW gale has swept away winter spirits from this part of the shore… All is serene here on the northern 60th Parallel.

That gale was still whistling high late last night as I drove back from Weisdale Hall, da Westside Writers’ stronghold.  Donald Anderson, our local Literature Development Officer, enobled it once more by bringing along Choman (& her friend) for a special creative writing session. Never mind that earthly tinnitus outside, we all had a great night there. Friday night being Friday night, I didn’t linger too long around the house and asked our angels one more time for the sky to chill out and went dreaming…

It was only one hour ago, it was all so different then… [PG]

Not “Parental Guidance” but deep words from Peter Gabriel, whom I consider as one of the UK’s the best male musician/songwriters. …Well, together with Jon Anderson and Mike Scott, he’s on my top list, anyway! His poetry speaks loud & clear.

Saturday morning in cold rain. March, month of rainbows, and now I see those signs of change.

It’s like waking out of a dream. Little by little, a gentler wind is ridding clouds away, enabling stronger light to dazzle our eyes and hearts. And talking of light, I wish to thank very humbly my friend & poet Juliet Wilson, aka Crafty Green Poet, for showcasing a piece on her website, Bolts of Silk...What a way to wake to Spring Day! 

Later I shall return to Part II of this blog entry, but before that, I am in need of adventure to celebrate this special day. I promised my heart twartree things: check out our trees in the garden, fly prayer flags somewhere around and stomp again at Ninian Sands! …After all, our little cosmic revolution has begun – we’ve reached that time of equal day and night 🙂

Happy Equinox Day, everyone, wherever you walk in the world!


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4 responses to “Little cosmic revolution – I. Early Signs

  1. Thank you kindly, Joao :))

  2. Happy Equinox!We are just heading into the still, sunny days of autumn, when the wind stops and the mists hang in the mornings.

  3. Thank you, Sarah!Have a great one too and may your autumn be bountiful :)) – Oh, sweet morning fog… Half my heart beats on your latitude :))

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