Boreal sunrise, gentleness from angels, like a message or a signal,

The light within me salutes the light within you

from the sky to the earth,
wrapping away our fears with gentle pastel hues. 
All is quiet on 60N.
Can’t be bothered counting crystals stuck on her quilt; Mother Earth wakes to a new dawn.
Chant du monde

Now Father Sky begins to blush as starlings gather on branches to listen to morning earth song…

In the distance our winter geese rise inside blue. 
They come in waves, just like the tide…

Feathered squadrons from far afield,
soon they’ll be landing at Brakefield, their faithful patch till our sun sets…

The light within me salutes the light within you. 

This slice of life was savoured on Tuesday 23 February.

I dedicate it to Stanley and Chris, who touched our life with so much love & gentleness, who now look at us from the sky.




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8 responses to “Light

  1. what wonderful skies! Beautiful colours!

  2. Yes, magic skies, CJP :)Pastel stillness, they were so serene on that day and so wild and filled with snow as I'm typing!

  3. N B

    A truly beautiful mix of words and images, Nat.Saluting the light within you!

  4. Hi Nat, I've given you a blog award, you can find out more at this link: Creative Blogger Award or just visit my blog.

  5. Thank you kindly, Norrie :)Have a fantastic conference weekend on Islay.The world is listening!N x

  6. Oh, thank you very kindly, Juliet!The poet is honoured :))Yes, am just about to investigate it!N x

  7. Stunning. What I wouldn't give to wake up and see THAT

  8. Thank you kindly, Jess :)Well, we have been blessed with wonderful sunrises over this winter and this one is one of the best yet! The skies offer some magic on this latitude. Mind you, yesterday's one was non-existent due to the great whiteout… It snowed virtually all day!

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