in blue and white

Today’s walk took me back to my favourite tongue of Sand, Ninian. I spend a lot of time walking the length (500m one way) of that sandbridge...
It provides me with serenity, a sense of home and  inner balance.

Today, that short drive away was full of adventures! As soon as you leave the “motorway” (A970, no passing places…) as I call it affectionatelyyour heart begins to beat like a talking drum.  
You enter an area of peatland called da Tivlicks – named after that homebake, tivlick, due to the rich dark brown colour of peats… In summer, there are still a few folk who cast the soil as fuel for winter. But today, da Tivliks were sugar iced.

A closer look at peat (turf, as it is known on the North American continent) in snow and it made me think of a chocolate truffle… Hmmm, I love tasting lanscapes!

Then Bigton Farm… The grand entrance to Ninian Sands… 
the rest is magic 🙂

to celebrate it all, wild geese flew past as if to salute the magic of this part of the world.

Ninian in the snow overwhelms your heart.

I felt very much like a child in a toy shop this afternoon! The world, our playground,  unfolds so much beautyIt is all around us.

Raw, a diamond.

Then, more wonderful sea scapes… Scousburgh Sands, Rerwick……. Places I share with visitors in summertime. They would feel equally bewildered by such spots at this time of year.

To me, this world sings out its symphony.

Majesty of north atlantic! 
This prompts me to a piece published in Northwords Now a few years ago.

A Tale of Two Harbours
You need to look at a compass,
each arrow points out to a sea;
through a fisheye,
an ocean –
a tongue of land
where we can read
a world of men,
fishers, crofters, navigators,
wave wanderers;
in search of life
on greener shores…
They swapped a sail
for a few oars,                                                                      
scout ravens flew out
to new cliffs;
they pulled their boats and kissed
the ground,
built a new home,
hope & beliefs.
we still dig in the sand,
unearth our past,
look through
the sea,
where mother
wind once blew their sail,
always westwards,
as if to flee.
© Nat Hall 2006


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2 responses to “in blue and white

  1. what lovely photos and a lovely poem too. Funny when I look at lightly snow covered peatlands I always think of my Mum's chocolate fudge cake…

  2. Thank you kindly, Juliet :)Ah-ha, chocolate fudge cake… Sibling mind! Peatlands really resemble dark chocolate….So appetizing!

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