Island Hopping Day

Today was “Island Hopping Day” – a golden opportunity to re-unite and share slices of life with loved ones.
Isle of Burra, my ultimate destination.
Burra, (ON, “heath” )
It lies west off Trondra Isle and both are linked to one another and to the Mainland by narrow bridges, allowing you to “hop” without difficulty.

Love Burra.
And when you stand at Hamnavoe,

It’s looking west, always westwards, towards Quebec, 
waves & sunsets unparalleled;

it is sheltered by a headland 
called Fugla Ness,  
that tongue of land with its lighthouse –
 and when you walk it in summer,
you value your place in the world… 
it makes hearts swing
inside rockpools,
it gets you out of no man’s land; 
 it has a hearth you share with those who do not fear the Atlantic.


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