…And talking of "white world"

…Or the snowball effect.
Social networks are fantastic. Not only do we keep in touch with “friends” but make new ones. Hence networking allows the nomadic spirit to explore brand new trails.
As 2009 draws to an end, I am now fully connected with the world of Kenneth White, as introduced to Geopoetics by fellow island poet, essayist & friend Norman Bissell.
The more I delve in this concept, the more it speaks to me (either in English or in French!).
So I am looking forward to contributing to the Forums from Geopoetics’ Scottish Centre and “walk the shore”. Funny enough, Norrie confessed I was to become its most northerly member… Meanwhile, am devouring Grounding a World as my freshest substantifique moelle.



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2 responses to “…And talking of "white world"

  1. N B

    Just throwing a snowball back at the end of the year to say great to be your new friend and to be able to enjoy your work here. The empty chair on the beach that contemplates the world and opens up fresh trails.

  2. Nat

    Oh, thank you, Norrie :)))Let's share more with time.

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