Snow Day on 60N

Three images to celebrate Snow Day on 60N.
This big rock, bathing in the North Atlantic, just like a gem.

White World has indeed reached Shetland and with it a new sense of peace. Daylight is melting like ice to the sun. This nordic sun, all clad in pink from either angle of the day, warms up my heart. From flamboyance at Simmerdim to timidity in winter, this colossal celestial star provides us with distinctive light on such latitude.

For every time I walk the shore, my eye is rivetted to that perpetual game of light and it will search for deep contrasts, those reverbarations onto mirrors – from the lochan to the ocean – as light gives colour to our world. And when we look at each brae (hillside), those hues of green, purple and brown change all the time. My photographic portfolio is a testimony to such light.

Today my world bore a blue tint so uniform as snow covers each inch of land. How long it will last is another question… However, we shall soon find out!



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2 responses to “Snow Day on 60N

  1. N B

    Words and images that indeed warm the hert, Nat. Light that brings life to all things, thank you for sharing your blue and white world.

  2. Nat

    You are very welcome, Norrie. One way to share the shore 🙂

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