Yuletide Wishes from 60N

With winter solstice upon us, I woke today to “white world”, as the north wind brings drifting snow on every hill, stretch of shoreline and every stone, wir innerdaeks, porch & roof slate.
Shetland turns in a mini-Canada. Yule is now truly under way!

On this occasion, have a piece to share with you:

Winter Spirit

Today I made my home ready to welcome darkest of season.

Fruit of the rose in the garden,
crown of holly in your honour,
the thinnest moon at its zenith,
icicle sky –

your eyes, those juniper berries,
poured in mulled wine,
we toast to our despotic star to rise again from its ashes;

playful Amabael smiles outside.

Runic dream found in nordic night,
we shall feast by the bowing spruce, light bonfires on every hill,
meddle with creatures of the cairns,
free to wander with the living…

They say it starts on Tulya’s E’en.

For you,
dark world, my offerings – cinnamon stick & evergreen,
my wheel of light instead of fears,
my sheaf of corn,

© Nat Hall 2009

May you all have a joyous festive season, or, as we say in Shetland,
Hae a guid Yöl wi aa da very best fur 2010!

Blissins, N



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2 responses to “Yuletide Wishes from 60N

  1. May the She moon with her energy, shine surge in subtle dreams. As keen as a gulls cry, over tranquil waves of sleep, and bring you the guiding symbols, images and inspiration that will fill your desires!Blessed Be

  2. Thank you, friend :)May itr bring you similar happiness.N

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