North Atlantic Celebration

Current writing project with Canadian poet Donna Allard is taking shape.

It consists of a two-part collection of verse in which the reader journeys from the shores of New Brunswick to Shetland in a linguistic duality [English & French] with a twist. Argh weel, wi a peerie grain oda [chosen] midder tongue tö!
With seascapes from either side of our ocean as a backdrop, we celebrate our sense of place, culture, heritage, language… our north atlantic world.

So far it has been a formidable adventure in many respects but I took half the manuscript to the critical eye of Poet, Editor & Publisher John Hudson [Markings, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland], who, as Shetland Writer in Residence throughout November, challenged it further!
More time may be needed to add final touches to the edited version, however, John’s bon prince and kindly accepted to add his stone to the edifice by proofing it. We share that lingusitic duality like a treasure.



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4 responses to “North Atlantic Celebration

  1. What a lovely project! I hope it goes well – and do shout out when it's done.

  2. Thank you kindly, Elizabeth.Will do :))N

  3. ola.estou passando para dizer que adorei seu blog è muito interessante

  4. ola. Mucha gracia :)) Thank you very kindly for your encouraging words.N

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