My connections with the ocean…

A tale of two harbours, norman and shetlandic.

When I am asked, “are you going home for Christmas?” – I smile.
I am home, it is where my heart beats….

Norman, Shetland, it is quite explicit: nor… norse….north.

I once shared a first poem entitled Confession to a Foreigner with Colin Will [Calder Wood Press, Poetry Scotland]who posted it on the Open Mouse.
In this poem, I notably underline the lack of choice for a passport.

And when I face the Atlantic, I know “I’m home”.

To some extend, I celebrate my ancestors.


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One response to “My connections with the ocean…

  1. N B

    Beautifully composed images, Nat, and those skies! You have found your true home and are still connected to your other one. Atlantic greetings from a North man.

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